Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients:

lombardo law office hand shakeDue to a loss of income, I was forced to let my house go through foreclosure. This was a very stressful and embarrassing time. My wife and I were very nervous about seeing an attorney. Attorney Lombardo made the process very easy. He explained everything step-by-step.C.K.

My Husband and I are working with Attorney Lombardo at the moment, we have only met with him once so far and he made a great first impression. He took the time to make sure we understood the whole bankruptcy process. He also gave us quite a few helpful tips about buying a home after we restore our credit, as well as what exactly we need to do to build our credit back up after we file. We highly recommend him. C.M.

Bankruptcy can be a very embarrassing and delicate time. Adam and his staff make this experience comfortable. So if you are looking for care and compassion this is the law office to go to. I am very pleased with my experiences and would recommend them to all my friends and family.N.D.Affectionate African American Couple

Awesome attorney!!!! Down to earth and very knowledgeable. Gives great advice made me feel at ease in making the right financial decision.C.K.

He really makes sure you understand the full process so you are sure about your decision. He gave me lots of advice about my student loans. He also doesn’t judge or make you feel low.C.C.

I met with 2 different bankruptcy lawyers before finding Lombardo law office, I was not impressed with the first two lawyers that didn’t really listen to me or understand where I was coming from. When I met with Atty. Lombardo, it was like a breath of fresh air, I was so relieved that somebody finally got it & understood what I was going through. He’s so down to earth and approachable not to mention the fees weren’t outlandish. I would definitely recommend Adam & his office to anyone looking to file for bankruptcy. Atty. Lombardo really knows his stuff and is great at what he does!T.Z.

family happy with lombardoGreat service. Someone I can trust . Easy to talk to. The best lawyer I know!D.S.

I was very nervous about my situation and Adam made me feel comfortable. He is very personable and honest. I would recommend him to anyone.A.T.
Adam was wonderful. He made me feel at ease and I didn’t feel like I was being judged.S.J.

Adam is the only attorney that I met with that I felt was passionate about his career.I didn’t feel like it was about money.I could tell he genuinely wants to help people get out of debt. He is very reasonable and I left his office feeling a weight has been lifted. L.S.

Mr. Lombardo was professional yet very down to earth. Thank you for your warm welcoming and I look forward to working with you.R.T.
Honestly was extremely terrified of going through this whole bankruptcy process. Looked around and honestly so far most didn’t really show any interest just made it clear that I should pay this much money. Then my mom referred me to Lombardo law office and it was fantastic from start til this point. Adam has to be one of the nicest and most helpful lawyers I’ve ever met. He listened to my side of the story, what I’m going through and gave me tons of insight on what to do. The office staff is wonderful and his prices cannot be beat. Highly recommend them if you want someone who listens and wants to help you.A.T.

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