Life After Bankruptcy

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Many who file for bankruptcy feel that their financial life has come to an end. A discharge of debts in a bankruptcy should be viewed as a fresh start and an opportunity for a new beginning.

In fact, in many cases, credit card companies will solicit you after a bankruptcy. While this is an exciting opportunity to reestablish your credit rating, you certainly should be cautious and wary. Making wise credit choices at this stage of your financial recovery will be key to rebuilding you financial future.

Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Many who file bankruptcy have experienced years of poor credit. The desire of debtors to rebuild their credit leaves them vulnerable to organizations who promise credit restoration at a cost of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Lombardo Law Office provides its clients with the proven techniques to successfully re-establish their credit to fully take advantage of their fresh start with NO ADDITIONAL FEES.

Credit Counseling

The bankruptcy code requires completion of both a pre-filing credit counseling class and a post-filing debtor education class to receive a discharge of debts. These classes can be a good education tool to set you on the right path to financial recovery.


Due to medical bills, I needed to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Attorney Lombardo had handled a Chapter 7 case years before and I was really embarrassed to be back filing again. Also, I was worried that I would never get credit again with a second bankruptcy. The process was quick and easy. 3 months later I was out of debt and had a fresh start.T.J
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