Free Bankruptcy Consultation


The initial free bankruptcy consultation is an important meeting. An experienced, friendly bankruptcy attorney, in most cases Attorney Adam Lombardo, will sit down and take the time to fully understand your situation. We will then review all of your options, both bankruptcy options and non-bankruptcy options. We will answer your questions clearly and honestly.

You will not be asked to wait in a crowded lobby for hours filing out a mountain of paperwork just to be rushed in and out. Our clients consistently comment on the sense of relief and empowerment they feel after they learn about the options they have to take control of their financial situation.

To enable us to give you the best possible legal advice, we ask that bring the following documentation to the initial consultation:

  • Verification of income — Depending on your source of income, you will need your last two (2) pay stubs, social security statement, unemployment stubs, or income statement if you run a small business
  • Your most recently filed tax return
  • Any bills that you may have — credit card statements, medical bills, utility bills, mortgage statement, car statement, or a credit report if you have one. A credit report can be obtained if needed.
  • A list of questions that you have for the attorney. We are here to clearly explain your options. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!
  • A $200.00 down payment, should you choose to hire Lombardo Law Office. We offer flexible and easy payment options!

If you are searching for “bankruptcy lawyers near me” and are in Milwaukee, Waukesha, or the Greater Milwaukee area, contact us here or give us a call at 414-543-3328.

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